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On this page attendees and general visitors will find the rules of conduct that the Texas Anime and Gaming Expo will be adhering to while the convention is in operation. The event encourages that everyone looks over the rules and information presented here to know what our base policies on various topics that any attendee or guest may have. If an attendee has any additional questions that they would like to ask, please feel to contact the event and a member of our staff will answer in a prompt manner.  

General rules

  • Please obey all signs that the convention and the hotel has laid out

  • Seating is first-come, first-served. Due to fire regulations, sitting in aisles and seating beyond the room’s capacity is not allowed

  • Respect other attendees. Harassment of any kind will result in removal of badge and an escort out the venue

  • Wear your badge at ALL times. Staff has the right to remove anyone who does not have a badge on them.



  • Props are subject to safety inspection before and after entering the facility

  • Please obey public decency laws and customs. No indecent exposure. Please note that Texas Anime and Gaming Expo and the Marriott Westchase has the right to deny entry if any cosplay is deemed inappropriate by both the location and city standards.

  • Be careful not to harm others with bulky props and costumes. 

  • Please obey all rules when it comes to weapons and props while at the convention and the Marriott Westchase. 


  • Children under 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times

  • All children must wear their badge


Smoking, Alcohol, drugs

  • No smoking is allowed inside or within 25 feet of an entrance or wheel chair ramps

  • Alcohol may be consumed by people 21 and over

  • No drugs allowed



  • Photos and videos are allowed with talent’s permission while at the autograph area or in the panel rooms.


Tickets/ Badge Policy

  • Purchased tickets are non-refundable.

  • Purchased tickets are non-transferrable.

  • One ticket will result in one badge.

  • Sharing or swapping badges is strictly prohibited  

  • Children 5 and under will receive free admittance and will receive a badge

  • Pick-up your badge at the entrance of the venue, as Texas Anime and Gaming Expo will not mail badges. 

  • Lost or stolen badges will be replaced if a receipt can be provided or if the ticketing vendor can find your purchasing information in their database. TAGE will not replace the badges unless either of these can be provided. 

Weapons Policy

TAGE understands that carrying props and replicas of weapons is necessary for some costumes. However, all props and replicas of weapons will be subjected to inspection before and after entering the convention. TAGE is not responsible for any injuries, harm or property damage.

All weapons must be peace bonded if it deemed necessary. Projectile weapons may be permitted only if the gun is unable to fire projectiles, and if the tip is obviously orange. No metal weapons are allowed. Anyone carrying a metal weapon will be turned over to the proper authorities and their badge will be removed immediately.

Weapons made from the following material may be accepted in the venue:

  • Wood

  • Plastic

  • Foam

  • PVC

  • Cardboard

Click here for more information.

Additional Information

TAGE is not responsible for lost or stolen items inside the venue or in the parking lot. TAGE is not responsible for damaged costumes, accessories or other personal property. Parent/guardian/chaperone are solely responsible for their children. Re-entry is only available to those who have their badge in hand at the moment of entry.. You must obey security and staff personnel. 


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